How it all started



today I am going to tell my story and my experience of going through getting bully and my anxiety disorder. I came from my country to australia when I was 13 years old. it was in march I loved in Australia. second day I went to my school in New South Wales  and I see a lot of indians there. I thought they will be friendly but I forgot one thing that I came from overseas and they are born in Australia.  my first day in school was hectic they all made fun of me and I became ver depressed. but on the other hand I fell in love 💕 with a girl but there was again same problem that I came from India. she and other students started feeling like it it embarrassing if they talk to me so they started telling other students to tease me. there was not single day in 6 years that I have to cried when came home. I never told my parents about that how much hard Time I have in school. everyday I get scared going to school. life became very hard. many times I used to cry while I was at the school but no one cared. one thing I forgot then was I would have gone to teacher and ask for help but I did not do that. there was two Australian girls which were very nice but I never spoke with them because they was friends with other Indian girls. I cannot believe how can someone cane be that ignorant. I use to ignore them everyday but they keep helping me. I never said thanks to them and now its been over 1 years since I have left school and the only thing worries me that why I shouldn’t said thanks to them. I know where they work I went there several times but they both ignored me. I was totally heart broken. they thought I do not talk to girls because I am gay but that was wrong. I did not talk with girls because every time someone sees me talking with girl the all thinks I like her then they tease me. I literally dying inside everyday. I cannot stop thinking about them. for a year I totally stopped going outside. this year I have started going to university but I stay depressed so it is very hard for me to learn something in uni. I try to avoid everyone due to things I have gone through. there are a lot of group work involved in there and I have to participate in them pretty much all of the time everyone has a partner and I am the only one left behind. until today I do not know what to do with my life. it went for almost 6 years and everyday I use to think everything will get better by time but nothing happened for me everything went worse. I have shortened my story because even today I am scared to dig up past.

stay tuned soon I will upload my letter I wrote couple of years ago to give to both of the girls who helped me a lot but I never did.

until that feel free to contact me on:

Apology and Shopping

Sorry, i apologize for not blogging for last couple of month. My life was falling apart and it was very hard to keep it together. I still don’t know what to do with my life. I need Help. I cannot study anymore as I am in depression. It is very hard for me to go to classes. No one loves me I do not think my life will be any good anymore. But not sure where that little hope comes again. I hope my life can be little better.




Couple of weeks ago I shop at

they have a lot of products on sale right now. they are currently selling in Australia and NEw Zealand. My cousin told me about this site. I Bought products for my apartment. Prices were cheap as I could not afford expensive products. If you check this site please go their hanging carpet section as you can buy best of the best hanging carpets for your home at very very cheap price but I was amazed the quality was very good. I bought the couple of them. I have already made money by selling at eBay and Gumtree. I sold it for nearly 3- 4 times the money I bought.


From now on I will keep you updated with my life.



One Thing I must say

I don’t know what the hell is going with my life. Am I going to end up as mental. I have no idea what to do. Why other people life is so perfect and I’m nothing. Come on I need strength to go ahead with my life. Why life is doing these things with me. I don’t want people to move away from their seats when they see me. I”m not sure how long I can keep like this. Today again, I’m deeply hurt and totally lost. My life is just stuck somewhere and not moving forward. What should I do? I need a life as well because I deserve to be treated with same respect like others. Why people are doing this to me 😔😔😭😭


Last blog: 1/5/17


First of all I would like to apologise that I could not blog from last couple of days. Times was hard on me and internet also was not working properly.

Yesterday, I received email from one of you guys. I will not mention her name as I do not have her permission to tell anyone. Basically she wanted to send me something and wanted my address in Australia. By the way she is from other country. As I know you all love me but it is very hard for me to provide my address here because I do not want to show up in front of my door. Soon I will be getting Po Box and after I can give you that Po Box number so she can send me that. wrote that so I can apologise to her and others who have contacted me before as well. but feel free to contact me on my email and I will reply as soon as possible. Again thank you for your generosity. It was very nice talking to her.

I really felt beloved as so many people talks with me on my email. Thank you so much everyone. you all are very beautiful and great



27/4/17 Carry on blog

Today I seen those friends (hate them) who gave me very hard time and I end up here. They were talking and laughing at me I know because they all look at me when laughing. I thought at least now they have learnt to not to hurt 😔 😢 others but I was wrong. They are still bullies.7 I can’t believe that they have not become good people by now. Like they have ruined my life but they still didn’t get it. I have started hating them even more now. I am lost and feel very alone right now. No one has right to hurt others mentally. What they think they are. I keep telling my heart ❤️ that don’t worry one day everything going to be alright but my brain knows that nothing going to be alright ever. Now you all tell me what should I do because I think today I have lost it. Everyday I try to forget things but they made me realise that nothing get’s change we all remember everything. Suddenly every memory of me getting bullied came back in front of my eyes. I don’t think I will be sleeping tonight either. I am feeling so alone. I just need someone to talk to. I need a friend. I really need a friend.

Link to my last blog: 27/04/2017. Exam result revealed?

27/04/2017. Exam result revealed?

Sometimes life gives you a lot of options and you do not know which way to go. Maybe all directions can be wrong one or maybe one of them can be right? The problem is that you can only go one way at the time but by the time you think to come back and choose another direction life gives you more directions ahead. Then you do not know if to come back or go ahead and choose one of those directions given ahead.


Last couple of days for me was very hectic. The exam I gave I did not did well. I filled my paper with wrong answer. I think I will only get one answer right or maybe two. I knew that I am going to fail but I did not know that I will fail that badly. But if I do good in upcoming exams I might pass this course but not sure yet.


I will talk about other stuff in upcoming blog because I want to keep this one short and simple.

Stay tuned…..

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Yes, I’m waiting for it

I hope something good happens as soon as. I really need a break in my life. because life is stuffing up me every and all the time. I really really need it or am I done with it. Any suggestions from you all will be great. What sort of a miracle I want but I don’t know what I’m wondering for or what I’m finding. If something soon doesn’t happen my life is going to be on fire and there is already a lot of fire inside and it is burning me. 2.jpg

seriously 😒 my life is little like that and soon going to be worse. I need to find solutions soon… OH GOD HELP ME

Monday 24/4/17

Stressful week starts

today was very stressful day for me but I still hardly managed to write blog and keep all of you updated on this thing. I don’t know if I told you before or not but there are a lot of hindrances in my studying. I am seriously falling behind in my studies due to lack of interest in social and mental life. Right now I am struggling with everything especially my studies.

I have exams coming up in 2 days time but I have not started studying yet and assignments are just harsh. I don’t even know what to do anymore and I cannot stop panicking. I know writing it here will not solve my problem but I do not have a choice. Can life be little easy? I don’t know but it should be. I just received call from parents while writing this again I forgot to do something they told me. Now I’m even more panicking. I think while typing this life became more hard. I’m worrying so much and don’t know what to do. I am begging and hoping tomorrow will be bit good day but also I know the truth what about studies; have exams. What should I do with my life 😔😔😔

Saturday 22/4/17

I have again bought lottery ticket because last time I won 163 dollars but I forgot to post about that incident. I only need 2 more numbers again to win some still money. A lot about that let’s talk about what happened so far. In afternoon I came to my house back and into my room. I sat there for a while and thought about my life. I said to myself this is last time I will play lottery because I want to try my luck if I did not win something big then I will not play forever because I need to save money for my blog. Life stories are boring! I know I get it but that’s the only way I can communicate with you guys otherwise I do not have any option. what should I do I don’t have any friends. how come you all not become my friend. I am nice and I do not use vulgar language. I am very good person and needs a friend. maybe this time lottery will do something. maybe when I have a lot of money I will get some friends. will I not sure about that. so far I have watched two movies comedy and I have read book which one ! diary of a wimpy kid. my life is very similar to that I felt someone has written about me but its on something else. give me some suggestions what you all want to know about me and I will be happy to talk about that……

Am I Day Dreamer

let’s find an answer for that together

image 1.jpg

I wonder sometimes that what am I. Alone person in this universe where are infinity stars and trillions of people. Is there anyone for me in this world. Who am I? what I am doing here? Where are the answers? How can I find them?

While travelling to university or somewhere else I start thing about stuff that probably will never happen. Does that make me day dreamer? Other day my parents was calling my name and I didn’t even know because my mind was wondering in some another country. I got shocked when suddenly my mum placed hand on my shoulder and asked where you got lost. we are waiting for you to have dinner. First I thought to tell mum and dad everything happened to me in school and why I behave like that now but I could not utter a single word from my mouth. My hands was shaking while having dinner so I just grabbed my plate and went into my room. I could not stop crying. Life is very hard for me. I wake up in the middle of the night and had dinner 🥘. What is happening with me? Am I going into wrong direction? There are thousands of questions surrounding me and I am still finding answers. Why most of the time I get lost into past or somewhere else where I never been. While writing this blog my eyes was blurry for a bit and I realised that I am in Japan living there for a while now. But when I heard so much noise I realised  that I am in Australia same where I was from long last years. Why do I want to escape from here? Will my past leave me alone if I leave this place? What is the answer and who knows it? I will prefer leaving this place once my study is completed and I have a lot of money into my account but before that problem is how I keep blogging if I don’t left with much money into my account. how long I will able to blog with money I have in my account? I month  or 2. don’t know if price will go up? Why I keep checking the price of airline for various directions when I’m not going anywhere. Then the question remains Who am I and where I want to go…………..

Need help from all of you

Just came to my head now that if everyone shares or somehow do something that everyone can read maybe oneway it will reach to those two girls. that will be the happiest day of my life. I’m not forcing someone and please don’t hate me for that. I just don’t want to live with regrets in my life and want to move on. Soon I will post pictures as well maybe it will be hard at starting to post my own photos but later on the road I will post my own photo. Today I found that letter but my hands was shaking as I was opening the envelope. I did not unfold the letter and just hidden it so no one can have a look at that while I’m away. when I found that letter there was tears rolling from my eyes and I did not know what to do for while. I really wanna take my mind of those things but it’s just very hard at this moment. I need all of your support and help. please just don’t hate me ever as everyone hates me but they don’t realise I have a heart as well and it hurts. sometime all you just need is hug and someone to say that everything will be okay one day. But truth is no-one ever does anything like that and I just wake up in the morning maybe today will be that day. words cannot even describe how broken I am from inside. Still waiting for that day when everything will be okay. Why I cannot be like other people who just hurts feeling and don’t do anything. Maybe I am nice 🙂 person that why. who knows what is truth. Why people judge me. sometimes I think what if everyone starts hating me then what will I do. everything means all of you who reads my life story. what will happen that day? will I have anything left that day or I deserve to be just hurt. would love to find answers for that.