today I am going to tell my story and my experience of going through getting bully and my anxiety disorder. I came from my country to australia when I was 13 years old. it was in march I loved in Australia. second day I went to my school in New South Wales  and I see a lot of indians there. I thought they will be friendly but I forgot one thing that I came from overseas and they are born in Australia.  my first day in school was hectic they all made fun of me and I became ver depressed. but on the other hand I fell in love 💕 with a girl but there was again same problem that I came from India. she and other students started feeling like it it embarrassing if they talk to me so they started telling other students to tease me. there was not single day in 6 years that I have to cried when came home. I never told my parents about that how much hard Time I have in school. everyday I get scared going to school. life became very hard. many times I used to cry while I was at the school but no one cared. one thing I forgot then was I would have gone to teacher and ask for help but I did not do that. there was two Australian girls which were very nice but I never spoke with them because they was friends with other Indian girls. I cannot believe how can someone cane be that ignorant. I use to ignore them everyday but they keep helping me. I never said thanks to them and now its been over 1 years since I have left school and the only thing worries me that why I shouldn’t said thanks to them. I know where they work I went there several times but they both ignored me. I was totally heart broken. they thought I do not talk to girls because I am gay but that was wrong. I did not talk with girls because every time someone sees me talking with girl the all thinks I like her then they tease me. I literally dying inside everyday. I cannot stop thinking about them. for a year I totally stopped going outside. this year I have started going to university but I stay depressed so it is very hard for me to learn something in uni. I try to avoid everyone due to things I have gone through. there are a lot of group work involved in there and I have to participate in them pretty much all of the time everyone has a partner and I am the only one left behind. until today I do not know what to do with my life. it went for almost 6 years and everyday I use to think everything will get better by time but nothing happened for me everything went worse. I have shortened my story because even today I am scared to dig up past.

stay tuned soon I will upload my letter I wrote couple of years ago to give to both of the girls who helped me a lot but I never did.

until that feel free to contact me on: lifeafterbullyingandanxiety@gmail.com


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