Cannot explain my happiness today but problem occurs when past comes and wastes that happiness. I was very happy today as I finished my most important work in university. My study is very hard just like others but I am trying my best. Today I felt little happy and relieved from study but as I relaxed for a bit school memories came forward and I tried to Stand up and wipe off my tears from eyes. Until today I still can’t believe what others did to me. I don’t ask for much but all I want to say sorry to those girls and relieve from past. I can do that if I just explain to them about everything because that what matters most to me. I don’t know when that day will come hopefully one day they will read my blog if they find and contact me so I can explain everything to them. if I never said sorry to them then I don’t think I will ever be going to forgive myself . everyday just passes by but I still don’t get friends. only that much for today as I don’t even feel like writing anymore. everyone comes in life and breaks heart no one says one day everything going to be okay. only those two girls always defend me when I get bullied but now there is no one…..


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