Just came to my head now that if everyone shares or somehow do something that everyone can read maybe oneway it will reach to those two girls. that will be the happiest day of my life. I’m not forcing someone and please don’t hate me for that. I just don’t want to live with regrets in my life and want to move on. Soon I will post pictures as well maybe it will be hard at starting to post my own photos but later on the road I will post my own photo. Today I found that letter but my hands was shaking as I was opening the envelope. I did not unfold the letter and just hidden it so no one can have a look at that while I’m away. when I found that letter there was tears rolling from my eyes and I did not know what to do for while. I really wanna take my mind of those things but it’s just very hard at this moment. I need all of your support and help. please just don’t hate me ever as everyone hates me but they don’t realise I have a heart as well and it hurts. sometime all you just need is hug and someone to say that everything will be okay one day. But truth is no-one ever does anything like that and I just wake up in the morning maybe today will be that day. words cannot even describe how broken I am from inside. Still waiting for that day when everything will be okay. Why I cannot be like other people who just hurts feeling and don’t do anything. Maybe I am nice 🙂 person that why. who knows what is truth. Why people judge me. sometimes I think what if everyone starts hating me then what will I do. everything means all of you who reads my life story. what will happen that day? will I have anything left that day or I deserve to be just hurt. would love to find answers for that.


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