let’s find an answer for that together

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I wonder sometimes that what am I. Alone person in this universe where are infinity stars and trillions of people. Is there anyone for me in this world. Who am I? what I am doing here? Where are the answers? How can I find them?

While travelling to university or somewhere else I start thing about stuff that probably will never happen. Does that make me day dreamer? Other day my parents was calling my name and I didn’t even know because my mind was wondering in some another country. I got shocked when suddenly my mum placed hand on my shoulder and asked where you got lost. we are waiting for you to have dinner. First I thought to tell mum and dad everything happened to me in school and why I behave like that now but I could not utter a single word from my mouth. My hands was shaking while having dinner so I just grabbed my plate and went into my room. I could not stop crying. Life is very hard for me. I wake up in the middle of the night and had dinner 🥘. What is happening with me? Am I going into wrong direction? There are thousands of questions surrounding me and I am still finding answers. Why most of the time I get lost into past or somewhere else where I never been. While writing this blog my eyes was blurry for a bit and I realised that I am in Japan living there for a while now. But when I heard so much noise I realised  that I am in Australia same where I was from long last years. Why do I want to escape from here? Will my past leave me alone if I leave this place? What is the answer and who knows it? I will prefer leaving this place once my study is completed and I have a lot of money into my account but before that problem is how I keep blogging if I don’t left with much money into my account. how long I will able to blog with money I have in my account? I month  or 2. don’t know if price will go up? Why I keep checking the price of airline for various directions when I’m not going anywhere. Then the question remains Who am I and where I want to go…………..


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