I have again bought lottery ticket because last time I won 163 dollars but I forgot to post about that incident. I only need 2 more numbers again to win some still money. A lot about that let’s talk about what happened so far. In afternoon I came to my house back and into my room. I sat there for a while and thought about my life. I said to myself this is last time I will play lottery because I want to try my luck if I did not win something big then I will not play forever because I need to save money for my blog. Life stories are boring! I know I get it but that’s the only way I can communicate with you guys otherwise I do not have any option. what should I do I don’t have any friends. how come you all not become my friend. I am nice and I do not use vulgar language. I am very good person and needs a friend. maybe this time lottery will do something. maybe when I have a lot of money I will get some friends. will I not sure about that. so far I have watched two movies comedy and I have read book which one ! diary of a wimpy kid. my life is very similar to that I felt someone has written about me but its on something else. give me some suggestions what you all want to know about me and I will be happy to talk about that……


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