Today I seen those friends (hate them) who gave me very hard time and I end up here. They were talking and laughing at me I know because they all look at me when laughing. I thought at least now they have learnt to not to hurt πŸ˜” 😒 others but I was wrong. They are still bullies.7 I can’t believe that they have not become good people by now. Like they have ruined my life but they still didn’t get it. I have started hating them even more now. I am lost and feel very alone right now. No one has right to hurt others mentally. What they think they are. I keep telling my heart ❀️ that don’t worry one day everything going to be alright but my brain knows that nothing going to be alright ever. Now you all tell me what should I do because I think today I have lost it. Everyday I try to forget things but they made me realise that nothing get’s change we all remember everything. Suddenly every memory of me getting bullied came back in front of my eyes. I don’t think I will be sleeping tonight either. I am feeling so alone. I just need someone to talk to. I need a friend. I really need a friend.

Link to my last blog:Β 27/04/2017. Exam result revealed?


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