First of all I would like to apologise that I could not blog from last couple of days. Times was hard on me and internet also was not working properly.

Yesterday, I received email from one of you guys. I will not mention her name as I do not have her permission to tell anyone. Basically she wanted to send me something and wanted my address in Australia. By the way she is from other country. As I know you all love me but it is very hard for me to provide my address here because I do not want to show up in front of my door. Soon I will be getting Po Box and after I can give you that Po Box number so she can send me that. wrote that so I can apologise to her and others who have contacted me before as well. but feel free to contact me on my email and I will reply as soon as possible. Again thank you for your generosity. It was very nice talking to her.

I really felt beloved as so many people talks with me on my email. Thank you so much everyone. you all are very beautiful and great




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